Seguros y pensiones para todos


The need for better financial information affects everyone, which is why improvement projects have been carried out at a global level.

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In recent years, the consumption of savings, investment and financing products has become more widespread, but this boom has not been accompanied by a greater awareness of their risks and implications. This has led many people to put their assets at risk, to become over-indebted or face difficult scenarios that are difficult to resolve.

The situation means that international organizations, governments, supervisors and regulators have become increasingly concerned about the financial education and literacy of society.

Every day we make decisions that affect our present and future finances, as well as our assets. Foresight and coverage against unforeseen events are key tools for guaranteeing our home, health and future pension. Insurance becomes an ally when it comes to safeguarding our security, that of our family and our assets.

In the face of something so important, it is worth having enough knowledge to make informed and wise decisions.

Governments, institutions and organizations close to the world of education should encourage knowledge of financial and insurance culture. A financially literate society is a guarantee of a certain level of social welfare and favors growth.