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Capitalization, the Euribor, pension plans, interest rates… these are some of the financial concepts that we hear every day and that often we do not understand. These days, Financial Education has become a necessity for a society where finance is present in all areas.

With Financial Education we intend to address two basic points that we have to deal with in all the decisions we make related to our economy: confidence when facing financial issues, and awareness of the risks and opportunities that we face in this area. With training and information, we can make the right decisions, know where to go for help and take effective action to improve our financial well-being.

Insurance is included among the basic financial products This powerful tool in terms of people’s quality of life allows them to face unforeseen events, safeguard their assetsn and offer family savings products.

That is why we talk about Insurance Education in parallel with Financial Education. Correctly understanding the benefits, capabilities and limitations of insurance is a key security factor in people’s lives, and as such, education related to insurance should play a prominent role in the general public’s financial literacy.

We encourage knowledge of basic financial terminology, the use of simple language when talking about finance and insurance, the introduction of training programs in schools and for the elderly. We want financial education to filter through society, protecting us from possible risks and providing solutions to everyday needs.