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Plan your future. We live in times of uncertainty in which it is difficult to predict the future. Protect yourself from unforeseen events, today more than ever.

. Protect yourself from unforeseen events, today more than ever.

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How much do you need for unforeseen expenses in your emergency fund?

The car that breaks down, the boiler that stops working or the washing machine that says ‘I’ve had it’. Unforeseen events are the reason why 36% of Spaniards fail to save regularly every month. The way to fix this is to set up your emergency fund.

The secret to effortlessly saving each month

The importance of saving is clear to everyone. However, it is a big step from knowing that to saving every month. More than half of Spaniards save no more than 50 euros a month and not because they don’t want to, but because they don’t know how to do it.

How much should you save according to your age and income

Am I saving enough? Should I be saving more?  Unless you’re a savings fanatic, there will be a time when you ask yourself these two questions. If you’re also like the average person, you’ll be right to do so.

This is what budgets that last a lifetime look like

Do you want to save but don’t know where to start? Financial experts are always telling us to draw up a budget. The reason for this is simple: it is the most traditional and simplest way to become aware of what is happening to your money.

Most common money mistakes

Money mistakes can be a burden when building your financial future, and they actually have an advantage over successes

Money mistakes can be a burden when it comes to building your financial future. These money mistakes evolve with you and are not the same in your 20s as they are in your 30s.

The classic financial mistakes at 40 are different from those made at 30. Here are the money mistakes to watch out for

Is 40 the new 30? If you’ve ever heard it, you’d better forget it. Even if you’re still young (at least relatively), it’s easy for your personal and professional circumstances to have changed in a decade.

Not saving is one of the mistakes made by people in their 50s

By the age of 50, a good part of your finances should be sorted out. At this point in your life you should have a plan for your finances and be saving every month. Not doing so is the biggest money mistake you can make at this stage.

How to make the most of your savings

We tell you how to make a good plan for your future

Making the most of your savings

You’re thinking about the future and have decided to save a portion of your income each month. But do you think that amount will be enough to ensure your standard of living when you retire? It is important that you make the right calculations and are aware of the situation.