Seguros y pensiones para todos


Did you know that pensions are not a new idea?  Since ancient times, mankind has been in search of the best conditions for quality of life and security.

Did you know that pensions are not a new idea? Since ancient times, mankind has been in search of the best conditions for quality of life and security.

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Types of Social Security pensions

The Social Security offers two basic types of pensions, depending on whether the minimum contributions to the system have been made.

How pensions are calculated in Spain

The way the state pension in Spain is calculated has been evolving constantly since the 2013 reform and is always at the mercy of political decisions to ensure the sustainability of the system.

How pensions are updated

Pensions are dynamic and change over time. Once you have calculated what your retirement pension will be and start collecting it, each year it will be updated.

Eligibility for a pension

There are a series of eligibility requirements that must be met in order to qualify for a contributory or even a non-contributory pension.

The pension system

We want you to know the evolution of pension systems in history and how the public pension system works in our country.
We want you to understand how pension systems have evolved throughout history, the different models of pension systems around the world, the origin of pensions in Spain, and how the state pension system works in our country.

Your private pension

Thinking that the public pension will be enough is one of the five most repeated mistakes when planning for retirement.
The simplest and also the most traditional way is with savings and investment. In other words, spend less than you earn and invest part of that money.
The first big advantage of starting retirement planning early is that the effort is much more gradual.
Most people do not think about saving for retirement until they are 40 or 50 years old. This very common mistake means that they do not take advantage of one of the greatest allies for the saver and investor: time.
Being clear about how to get your retirement money back when the time comes is more important than you think.
A good disinvestment strategy serves to adjust your savings and investment effort up to your retirement. In other words, it can mean you need less money than you think for your retirement.

Your retirement plan

Plan your long-term goals, learn why it is essential to save early to secure your financial future

Always allocate a part of your savings to the long term

We all have different goals in life and these do not all have the same deadlines. Most often, your head is focused on short- and medium-term goals. After all, these are the most numerous and also the ones that offer immediate gratification. That is why it is so important to take a moment to set those long-term goals.

Earmarking part of your savings for the long term and doing it as soon as possible helps you to visualize and be aware of those goals, reduce the effort required to achieve them and have greater peace of mind today.