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If you belong to Generation X, change is part of your way of life. Prepare and save for your future.

If you’re aged between 35 and 50, you’re a member of Generation X. You belong to the generation of change, halfway between the past and the outlook of the future.

Change is part of your way of life. They pay you for jobs that didn’t even exist before, and you’re the first generation who had to explain technology to their parents. For you, the concept of travel and flying, thanks to low-cost airlines, has transformed your weekend plans.

You belong to a generation that is capable of considering its future, asking itself questions, and getting the answers. Prepare and save for your future.

You belong to a pioneering generation of doubt: Is love forever? Do I have to buy a flat or is it better to rent? A generation for whom doubt never meant fear. A generation which no-one showed how to arrive and change everything. But that is just what you did. Nothing could forestall your urge to move forward and do things even better than before. Everything your generation has built has been achieved without having the time to prepare. What would have happened if there had been time, if it had been possible to play in advance? And what will happen now that you know what is yet to come?

Close your eyes and imagine, for a moment, everything you can do now that you know that the best is yet to come. Now that you own your future. Now that you realize you belong to a generation of pioneers. Prepare to be prepared.

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