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We help you make the best decisions to plan your future. Start designing your retirement now.

As our life expectancy increases, so does the need for optimum retirement planning. However, we tend to avoid thinking too much about what our life will be like when we become elderly. This is quite a logical reaction, though not very practical: many decisions made during our working lives have a direct impact on our level of well-being in retirement. Furthermore, a recent study carried out in Spain concluded that 65 percent of retirees regretted not having done something at the time to improve the amount of their pension.

Perhaps the time has come to start thinking about the future, but where do you start? We can help you make the best decisions.

Design your retirement

There have never been as many tools as there are now to plan a good retirement, and one of them also lets you make your own calculations and estimates: we mean our Pension Plan Calculator.

Simply enter a series of personal parameters (date of birth, annual gross salary, years of work, number of children, etc.) to instantly obtain an economic estimate of the income you will receive when you retire. There’s nothing like seeing the resulting figure on the screen to motivate you: far from pretending to be a game, this future projection makes users aware of the importance of saving for this stage of life; it helps you to make a calculation based on both the amounts from the public system and from private savings; and it is an essential tool to calculate what contributions you would have to make to reach the same level of income when you retire as when you were still working.

Health and money

The study we mentioned earlier revealed that people’s concern about their financial situation in retirement is only surpassed by concerns about health at that stage. In fact, more than eight out of every ten Spaniards do not believe their income will be enough to maintain their standard of living when they retire, specifically 83.85 percent.

Pension Plans

Interestingly, men and the youngest and oldest age groups are those who tend to think that their pensions will be sufficient to maintain their standard of living. Women and people in their middle age tend to be more pessimistic. Hence, six out of ten Spaniards believe that pension plans are the most appropriate tool to complement your retirement.

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