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Course of Initiation to Home Insurance

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This course will provide you with more in-depth knowledge of one of the basic insurances for protecting the family economy: Home Insurance.


  • To understand the purpose and basic features of this multi-risk insurance. Also its relationship with insurance for communities of owners and rental protection.
  • To make an in-depth study of coverages for material damages such as theft, water damage, fire and broken windows, among others.
  • To broaden knowledge about the cover for general civil liability, legal aid, travel and the home included in these types of insurance.
  • To know how to respond in the event of an incident in the home.
  • To demonstrate the extent of the obligations the insurer acquires when an incident occurs.


  1. Introduction
  2. Home insurance; what it is and what it is for
  3. Basic concepts of home insurance
  4. Coverage for material damage
  5. Coverage for civil liability
  6. Assistance coverage
  7. Guidelines for responding to an incident in the home
  8. Obligations of the insurer