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FINEXIT, the financial escape room

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To face any challenge you need a good strategy and skill. If you think you are ready, we invite you to fight against dangerous international criminals.

In FINEXIT the clock is ticking and the players must use all their resources to unmask an international plot that has infiltrated one of the country’s largest companies with the intention of stripping its assets, converting them into Bitcoins, and transferring them to an untraceable account. If they succeed, the stock market and the national economy will collapse.

To complete the mission and apprehend the evildoers, players must interpret the suspicious Tricia’s emails, the apps on her cell phone, and the multiple documents she keeps in her office.

If you want your students to put their financial knowledge to the test, suggest this escape room designed for vocational training courses, a different and fun way to learn how to analyze economic information.

With different levels of difficulty, FINEXIT is available both in classroom and virtual format and will be directed by a Game Master.


Do you accept the challenge?