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Boat insurance

Boat insurance protects you in various situations on board a recreational boat intended for recreational purposes, for non-profit sporting activities and including non-professional fishing. An important aspect of boat insurance is that the ultimate goal of the owner should be enjoyment and leisure through sailing, but in no case should this involve sporting competition or maritime professions.

Similarly, this insurance is intended to protect both motor and sailing boats, and in most cases it may also include inflatable and semi-rigid boats, as well as jet skis.

In addition to the mandatory civil liability cover for the skipper and material and physical damages that may be caused to third parties for the owner, recreational boat insurance may also include other optional cover:

  • Damage caused to the vessel itself.
  • Salvage expenses for the vessel and its occupants in the event of an accident.
  • Theft of the boat, as well as property damage caused by the theft.
  • Personal accidents resulting in the injury or death of the occupants.
  • Legal defense.
  • Removal of debris.
  • Towing.

The compulsory insurance covers death and bodily injury; property damage to third parties, civil liability; damage to vessels due to collision or contact; and the payment of legal costs in the defense of the insured and claims management.