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Civil Liability Insurance

The insurance company undertakes to indemnify the insured for the damage that their assets may suffer as a result of a claim made by a third party.

This cover is intended to:

  • Cover the payment of indemnities for bodily injury, material or property damage caused to third parties that may be the fault of the insured party or of the persons for whom they are liable, due to events arising from their private or professional life.
  • The constitution of bonds and legal costs demanded from the insured due to third party claims, provided that the reason for the claim is included in this coverage.

Some events expressly included in the civil liability coverage are, among many others, those deriving from:

  • The insured as head of household and persons for whom they are liable.
  • As the owner or tenant of dwellings dedicated to the insured’s residence.
  • Damages as a consequence of water, fire or explosion, caused to third parties.
  • Due to acts or omissions of domestic personnel.
  • As the owner of domestic animals.

Typical and generalized exclusions from private civil liability coverage are, among others:

  • Participating in bets, challenges or competitions.
  • Damage to the property of third parties in the possession of the insured.
  • Family members up to the second degree of kinship or persons who habitually live with the insured.
  • Penalties, fines or non-payment thereof.