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Funeral insurance

The purpose of this is to guarantee the provision of the funeral service contracted upon the death of each of the insured parties or to reimburse the amounts agreed in the policy.

This type of insurance is usually contracted through family policies, since the same policy usually covers all members of the family. Although they can also be contracted individually.

The funeral service is defined in the policy as the set of elements and services necessary to carry out the burial of the insured party who is now deceased, as well as the other guarantees covered by the policy and described in detail therein.

Normally, a series of additional guarantees are included in the policy, such as those related to the transfer of the mortal remains of the insured to the place of burial or cremation, with different types being used in practice: transfer within the same country, international transfer, transfer to a certain place previously fixed in the policy and different from the insured’s usual place of residence, and so on.

Other additional guarantees offered by the insurance companies are typical of travel insurance.