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Travel insurance

Through this type of insurance, the insured is provided with a series of services whose purpose is to resolve incidents of various kinds that may have arisen for them or their companions during a trip of any kind (leisure, business, etc.).

The most usual coverage for this type of insurance includes:

  • Personal Assistance: the most common guarantees of this coverage are related to events related to the insured’s health, but there are also other types. The most common are the following:
    • Medical assistance due to illness or accident of the insured, extension of stay and repatriation, as well as the travel and accommodation of an accompanying person in case of hospitalization. Normally, the transportation or repatriation of the deceased person who was insured and their companions, as well as accommodation for the person accompanying the deceased, is guaranteed.
    • Early return of the insured due to the death or hospitalization of a family member, or due to a serious incident at their habitual residence or professional premises.
    • Supplementary guarantees such as the transmission of urgent messages or the management of cash delivery abroad, or rescue expenses.
  • Luggage : This cover guarantees compensation for definitive loss, theft, loss or destruction of luggage that was checked in for the flight.
  • Delays, cancellation or interruption of the trip: the insured party is compensated for any of these circumstances.
  • Personal Accidents: Compensation is guaranteed for accidental death or permanent disability of the insured.
  • Legal defense.

Some insurers offer additional coverage, such as:

  • Loss of passport: In the event that a passport is lost abroad, this covers the travel expenses to obtain a new document, the costs of the stay and access to a translation and interpretation service.
  • Civil Liability: the insurance company is responsible for any personal and material damages that the insured unintentionally causes to a third party.