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Global Money Week 2022

Build your future, be smart about money

Build your future, be smart about money. Under this slogan, the tenth edition of Global Money Week (GMW) was celebrated in March 2022.

This global campaign, organized by the OECD since 2013, aims to raise awareness of how important it is for young people, from an early age, to become financially aware and gradually acquire the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behavior necessary to be able to make sound financial decisions.

With this edition’s slogan, which was used by participants to promote various activities, #GMW2022 not only encouraged young people to make smart financial decisions with their future in mind, but also encouraged the participating organizations to plan actions that, throughout the event, addressed topical issues, including sustainability and the digitization of financial services.

What is the goal of GMW? As its permanent slogan “Learn.Save.Earn” indicates, its aim is to empower children and young people so that they understand that both managing their money wisely and saving for the future can mean “earning” for them and their families.

At Seguros y Pensiones para Todos we are supporting this initiative with the Roulette of Savings contest.