Seguros y pensiones para todos

What is Seguros y Pensiones para Todos (Insurance and Pensions for All)?

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Seguros y Pensiones para Todos is a project to help improve insurance culture among the public. Our website is dedicated to promoting and disseminating  insurance culture and social welfare. We offer practical information to help you understand the world of insurance better.

Our mission is to allow consumers to approach insurance products without fear, with enough knowledge and information. The tools we use include information, teaching, dissemination, activities, and initiatives aimed at the general public and educators in particular.

We know that our public is not an expert in insurance, so we use simple, non-technical language, but which is technically accurate, and we use animations and other resources to facilitate learning and the dissemination of our content.

In addition to offering basic information and online insurance courses, we address the issue of pensions and the main solutions offered by social welfare, with an eye on the future.

Savings are also key in Seguros y Pensiones para Todos. Through videos and animations we want to promote the development of savings culture from an early age.

We follow current events in the world of finance, welfare and insurance, providing information on the issues that crop up in today’s society in relation to these topics, focusing on those that can drive change, such as socially responsible investment.

We constantly update our content, adapting to the needs of society. Our goal is to make the world of insurance and pensions more accessible for everyone, so that we can all take control of our finances and, consequently, our lives.