Fake news: it happens in the insurance world too

Fake news: it happens in the insurance world too

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During lockdown, fake news spread across the networks, which naturally also affected the insurance sector.

The insurance industry, like many others, has not been immune from fake and hoax news since the state of emergency went into effect. The fact that people used the internet much more as a source of information during lockdown has undoubtedly contributed to the spread of this type of information, just as if it were another virus, especially through the social media.

It all started when an item of fake news reported that if a driver was unlucky enough to have a car accident during the state of emergency, insurance companies would not be responsible for the damage caused by the accident.

The sector responds

Nothing could be further from the truth. The sector association UNESPA had to step up and clarify in an institutional statement that, in the case of vehicles, the insurance industry was maintaining its services for insured parties during the exceptional situation caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19) in Spain. “Services related to automobile insurance continue to be provided with absolute normality, whether you have taken out fully-comprehensive or third-party insurance. Insurance entities have implemented contingency plans to guarantee customer service in all their lines of business. Insurers and insurance brokers are at the disposal of their clients to provide their services“, confirmed UNESPA.

You’ll get a tow truck, but try not to incur a fine

Yes indeed. Remember that during the state of emergency not all car journeys are authorized. If this is your case and you have an accident, your insurance company will cover you, since your coverage is not affected, but you could be exposing yourself to a major fine from the Administration.

Check and verify information

It is not surprising that the insurance sector, whose business is aimed at protecting and offering certainty and security, has been one of the main targets of fake news purveyors, whose intention is to misinform those affected and unsettle the general public. Insurance companies are well aware of this, which is why their services for insured parties went into effect right from the outset to clarify all kinds of concerns and provide clear information.

Now, more than ever, it is important to protect yourself from fake news: information can also be quarantined. Check first, and don’t get carried away by the big headlines.

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