The insurance sector and the digital divide

The insurance sector is no stranger to the risks of this divide, which affects older people

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Carlos San Juan, the 78-year-old Valencian citizen responsible for the "I'm older, not an idiot" campaign, has generated a heated debate about the problems faced by many people as a result of the digital divide, in his case, in the banking sector.
The insurance sector is no stranger to the risks of this divide, which affects older people, as well as culturally and socioeconomically disadvantaged groups who do not have easy access to technology, and simply people who do not feel comfortable with this new way of working. For years, the sector has been immersed in a process of digital transformation thanks to which, for example, it is possible to issue reports via an app, carry out video-appraisals or converse with a chatbot. And what is the goal? To understand customers’ preferences, answer their questions and offer products that fit their profile immediately and at the best price. Of course, without leaving anyone out.

Personal attention and proximity

For this purpose, the field of insurance has the figure of the mediator, who deals personally with the insured party. It is true that some companies operate only online, but even in these cases, the policyholder can contact a teleoperator who will pick up and channel the customer’s request. It is worth noting that most policies in Spain are arranged through insurance agents and brokers, who the user can always turn to if they have any doubts.

Empty Spain

For insurance it is essential to be physically close to your client. And a good example of this is that the sector has become a very important social link, given its presence in every corner of the country, particularly in the so-called empty Spain, for example, provinces such as Burgos, Teruel, Ourense, Cuenca or Jaén, where there are the most physical insurance company branches for every 1,000 inhabitants in the whole country.

Digitalisation assists the customer, simplifying things and allowing their experience to be as personalised as possible, but the industry understands that digitalisation is an option, never meant to exclude anyone. Experts say the most successful insurance companies will attract and retain customers by reinventing their operating system to support a phygital model based on a mix of physical presence and digital interaction that accommodates all users.

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