This year, step up to the plate: exercise in safety

This year, step up to the plate: exercise in safety

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Doing more exercise is usually one of our new year's resolutions. If you practice a physical activity, do it safely and protect yourself from unforeseen events.

With the arrival of a new year, it is inevitable that we review everything we want to change or improve and, in most cases, doing more exercise is at the top of our list. If you don’t engage in any physical activity, it’s obvious that you need to make a start. And if you do already exercise, you need to know if it is the one that benefits you the most and if you’re doing it properly. In both cases, you have to assess whether you are protected against any unforeseen event.

And my favorite sport is…

The first thing you should do is choose which sport you’re going to practice. And then consider what situations you might find yourself when practicing it. We’re not referring to adventure sports, which have increased risks, but to any kind of exercise: a simple knock while playing a soccer game or an accident in a gym are common events and can have serious consequences.

How can I cover my risks?

Some sports are covered by law – this is the case of competitions regulated by federations, as well as popular races. Paying the federative license entitles you to accident or injury insurance.

If you have decided to indulge in motor racing, hunting, fishing or diving, it is mandatory to have specific insurance. But if, like most mortals, you simply intend to go to the gym near your house or office or take a run through your neighborhood park, it’s best to have health insurance.

Most insurers offer specific sports-related products that include comprehensive sports medical care, with examinations and monitoring of the patient’s medical history, diagnostic tests of resistance and effort, and nutritional monitoring. They can also offer coverage to provide compensation in the event of an injury, illness or hospitalization.

This is not some urban legend

It may seem over-the-top to talk about risks when exercising, but this is not the case. Accidents often happen. You might experience something similar to Rafa Nadal, who was hit in the chest by a ball during a match at Wimbledon, luckily without consequences. But you don’t have to be an elite athlete to experience joint damage or tendonitis from the gym.

Take precautions. Find out about the risks and what coverage you need to exercise with peace of mind. Make your New Year’s resolutions come true, but safely.

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