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We're going to tell you all about the new coverage and insurance available for these more eco-friendly vehicles.

They don’t emit polluting gases, they make no noise, they need less maintenance (just a check of the battery and electric engine), they offer fantastic fuel savings, they are not subject to the traffic restrictions imposed on more highly-polluting cars, and they benefit from reduced parking rates in cities. The advantages of electric and hybrid cars are undeniable, which is why sales of plug-in hybrids are tripling and electric car registrations have increased by almost 80%.

New coverage

This new reality also translates to the field of insurance. There are already policies specifically designed for this type of vehicle. We’ll tell you what coverage you need to take into account if you’re making the switch to a hybrid or electric vehicle.

Battery failure assistance

Most car insurance includes roadside assistance, but in the case of hybrids and electric vehicles it is vital that the assistance covers the failure or depletion of your car battery. Not all insurers offer the same coverage in this respect: find out if your insurer will tow you to a recharging point or a garage where they can repair the fault, or if they will send a technician with a fast charger. Remember that in this type of car the air-conditioning, radio and lights consume a lot of power. Make sure you calculate the vehicle’s autonomy for the route you intend to follow.

Specific coverage for theft of charging cables

This is one of the most popular insurance covers as the price of these cables is quite high. While you leave your car charging at a public charging point, or even in your own garage, even if you lock the car, the charging cable is visible and is susceptible to being stolen.

Damage to the tower at the charging point

Whether the damage has occurred at a public charging point, or if the point is installed in your own home, this warranty covers possible damage due to fire or theft, whether accidental or as a result of vandalism. Some companies have also introduced the possibility that if the insured vehicle incurs any damage as a result of a power surge or poor configuration of the charging tower, the company would make a claim for the damages caused.

Damages from cyberattacks

The new policy also covers damages from cyberattacks, something very important in this type of vehicle, since they usually have a lot of connected elements that can be a gateway for viruses and computer attacks that put the central system of the car at risk.

Mobility evolves, and so does the insurance that protects you.

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