State of emergency: insurance companies are still protecting you

State of emergency: insurance companies are still protecting you

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During the state of emergency, the insurance industry was particularly sensitive to the new circumstances and the assistance people needed.

While the state of emergency imposed huge restrictions on your daily activities, your washing machine, boiler, fridge, television and cistern could not stop working. Quite the contrary. With more than 46 million people locked down at home, domestic activities skyrocketed. But there was nothing to worry about: the insurance sector was particularly sensitive to this new scenario and worked to provide assistance for hundreds of situations that might have been important in the past but were now absolutely crucial.

50,000 staff teleworking for you

Did you have an incident? You could still call your insurance company as you normally would. More than 50,000 staff in the sector were ready and waiting to continue providing their services via teleworking.

Your health, the top priority

Patients continued to receive medical check-ups and tests. “The main areas of insurance affected by this pandemic are providing their services completely normally,” stated Unespa, the industry association.

Lockdown with guarantees

With regard to home insurance, the sector association identified a list of essential services to guarantee people’s living conditions. Plumbers, locksmiths, glaziers, electricians… a total of fifteen services, which can be consulted on the Unespa website, were regarded as essential and emergency basic repairs in a domestic lockdown context. Incidentally, a television breakdown was also considered to be an emergency service.

What about car insurance? In the event of an accident or breakdown, whether you were engaged in a permitted activity or not – don’t forget that the state of emergency imposed restrictions on vehicle use and you could be risking a big fine – all the coverage in your policy continued to apply, whether third-party or fully comprehensive.

At these times of uncertainty, the insurance sector continues to work to offer its customers the utmost support and peace of mind. Keep your spirits up!

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