Telecommuting and technology: so near, so far…

As teleworking is now here to stay, we need to strengthen computer security, use technological tools, and maintain a work-life balance

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As teleworking is now here to stay, we need to strengthen computer security, use technological tools, and maintain a work-life balance.

The coronavirus crisis has meant engaging in a forced drill to incorporate telecommuting in our lives. According to the National Institute of Statistics, only seven percent of Spanish professionals regularly worked in this way before lockdown. A percentage that, without a doubt, has skyrocketed in recent weeks.

Winning scheme

Coping with this new scenario has very probably been difficult for many people. But generally speaking we have adapted very quickly. And according to the experts, teleworking is here to stay. Enjoying the many advantages of working remotely entails having a three-pronged scheme in place: computer security, technological tools, and a work-life balance.

Your computer is your castle

When it comes to security, the main recommendation is that companies should use a private internet connection to safeguard their data and information. This is known as a VPN. The National Cybersecurity Institute (INCIBE) has launched #CyberCovid19, a campaign that aims to help individuals and companies improve their cybersecurity.

A necessity, a tool

This period has also become a crash course for “techno-tools”. For synchronizing workflows, the popular cloud services (Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud, etc.) are the simplest option for file sharing, while WeTransfer stands out as the fastest way to send large files. When it comes to tools for keeping control of projects, Slack, Trello, HeySpace and Yammer allow task assignment and tracking, progress monitoring, configuration of deadlines, user management, etc. These tools are free and very intuitive.

But if there is one application in which everybody is already an expert at this point of the pandemic, it is those dedicated to meetings: Skype, Duo, Hangouts, GotoMeeting, ooVoo, Zoom Meeting and even video calls via WhatsApp have become our professional and personal day-to-day tools.

Balance is key

Indeed, to keep a balance in both areas of your life it is important to stop teleworking from taking you over. Essential points: set strict hours (that you can negotiate with your company so they can adapt to the circumstances of your home); limit your working day so you are not permanently online; make your workspace comfortable; take regular breaks, etc.

Technology is a great support but in order to benefit and even enjoy this new situation, you must add security and organization to your schedules. Happy telecommuting!

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