At the click of a button: the advantages of taking out online insurance

At the click of a button: the advantages of taking out online insurance

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Lockdown has forced us to do many procedures online. Taking out insurance is one of them.

While many people were already familiar with the enormous advantages of buying and contracting products and services through the Internet, lockdown has forced the vast majority of us to follow the “virtual consumer” route. Of course, all the conventional guarantees remain the same.

A vast range of options at your fingertips

The field of insurance is one of the areas that has evolved the most in this regard. Did you know that you can take out any type of insurance online? Home, car, health, travel, even death… every category offers the possibility of taking it out with a single click. But what are the advantages of doing it this way?

Time, money and convenience…

Unquestionably, and in the current climate we put an even bigger value on the convenience and safety of not having to physically go to an office. No queues, no waiting and no safety distances. This option is especially attractive for people at risk. Another great advantage is being able to compare the different offers on the market on our own device and in much less time than if we had to do it in person.

Exclusive promotions and à la carte policies

Technology works in favor of the person seeking insurance, so on your computer or smartphone you can configure your insurance on demand, compare different types, add or remove coverage… in short, customize it to the max from your armchair at home. In addition, it is worth mentioning that many companies are making a point of promoting this form of taking out insurance and are offering exclusive promotions online, so you may even make some savings compared to the conventional process.

The coverage remains the same

But what should you bear in mind before clicking on the “buy” option? The most important thing is to be aware that even though the contracting process has been online, the guarantees of your insurance and the service you will receive will be the same as if you had gone to the insurance broker’s office. It is important that – as in any online purchase process – you make sure that the website you are using is secure; check that you will always have a customer service department to call or write to if you have any queries or if there are any incidents during the online process; otherwise, the recommendations are the same as for face-to-face contracting: read the conditions and coverage carefully and adapt the characteristics of the product to your real needs. Happy clicking!

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