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Carsharing is a form of transport that allows users to enjoy the advantages of driving a vehicle without having to actually own it. Users rent these vehicles from a mobile app to make a specific journey, giving them greater flexibility and speed.
This model, which allows more sustainable mobility, is rapidly gaining followers and in 2018 the Spanish Department of Transport (DGT) stated that, by 2030, 80 million fewer cars will be on the road in Europe due to carsharing.

If you are one of the people who have decided to embrace this trend, we advise you to check the prices, type of vehicle and, above all, the insurance they offer before deciding which company you are going to hire your car share from. This should help you avoid any setbacks that could ruin your experience.

Civil Liability

When a user uses a car from a carsharing fleet, they must be aware that they are insured and that this protection is included in the price of the rental: all these cars have liability insurance since this type of insurance is compulsory by law to allow a car to be driven in Spain. However, beyond this coverage, carsharing companies offer the option of taking out a fully comprehensive policy with excess in case the user is responsible for any mishaps. This excess varies depending on the company. It is also important to find out if you have roadside assistance, as not all companies include this in the insurance.

Who is covered by the insurance?

Using a shared car does not mean that you don’t have to worry about it. The insurance will cover liability where necessary, but there are circumstances in which it is the driver who will have to bear the costs. For example, the theft or robbery of personal objects from inside the vehicle is not usually included in this type of insurance. Nor does it cover damage caused by reckless driving or behavior that does not comply with traffic regulations. It is important to bear in mind that another person should not be allowed to drive, since, in the event of an incident, the insurance only covers the person who rented the vehicle.


And, if the car is damaged, how does the carsharing company know who, among the different users of a vehicle, is responsible for the damage? For this reason, it is important that before and after using a shared car you verify that it is in good condition.  Should you find that it already has some damage, you can report this to the company through the same app you used to rent the car.

Please remember: treat the carsharing car with the same care as if it were your own and enjoy shared mobility!

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