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You'll never find true satisfaction in impulse shopping or surrounding yourself with unnecessary objects.

When you indulge in impulse buying, you may be filling an emotional void but you’re not investing in your happiness. Learn how to consume: wanting is not the same as needing.

There have almost certainly been occasions when you’ve bought something you didn’t need and hadn’t planned for. At that very moment you felt great, your hormones went into action to generate a feeling of pleasure and reward, but that sensation fades as quickly as it comes and eventually leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

When it comes to deciding what to buy, don’t let yourself be swayed by emotional factors; buying an object is not going to resolve any of your problems. Buying something should address a need or a thoughtfully-planned decision. Justifying a purchase based on your mood only offers you an immediate “rush” that quickly fades, leaving you feeling even emptier than before.

It is very important that you know yourself and are aware of your vulnerabilities so you can identify those situations in which you tend to buy more than you need. If this is your case, we suggest some recommendations to avoid falling into temptation:

  • Take your time. If you’re going to buy something, it’s best to think it over carefully. Buy what you need, not what you want.
  • Invest in experiences. The world is full of wonderful people and places. Give yourself the gift of new experiences and invest in activities such as travel or concerts that will leave you with much more meaningful memories than just buying objects.
  • Enjoy things in company. The most valuable activities are those you experience with the people who matter to you. Spending time with others will give you confidence and make those moments extra-special.
  • Buy things for other people, especially if they are shared experiences. This will give you much more satisfsction than just buying things for yourself.
  • Make each shopping experience a special moment, valuing what you buy and spacing out these experiences over time.

Follow our advice and choose how you want to spend your money.

Buy time. Buy life. Buy happiness.

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