This autumn, get fit safely

This autumn, get fit safely

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At this time of year, even though the weather is still mild, summer is a distant memory. Gone are those long, langorous days of dietary treats and minimal workouts.

Autumn is here and with it one of the best times of the year to get in shape and exercise outdoors. We have the chance to take up new activities and challenges – many training programs, organized groups, etc. start at this time of the year – and to practice sports outdoors without fear of suffering from heat stroke.

In the autumn we also get into routines, so exercise is the best way to eliminate work-related stress and boost your immune system with a view to possible infections from winter seasonal viruses. But should you have insurance to carry out these types of activities?

Do you need insurance?

Legally, you don’t have to have insurance if you’re just meeting up informally with a group of friends to play sports. But you always have the option of taking out outdoor activities insurance for days or even hours, so that if you have to resort to an ambulance or rescue service, the cost is not down to you. This type of insurance can cover anything from mishaps when traveling to the activity, to assistance while practising it, to any disabilities you may suffer as a result of a fall, crash, etc. There are several options available: individual insurance, group insurance and innominate insurance (which provides group coverage without personal data being required).

Organized activities

Another thing is activities organized by an association or company. In this case, many municipalities already require this type of insurance to give the green light to the activity taking place. In the case of sports associations, many of them belong to federations and have liability insurance that covers any contingency in the group.

The outdoor sports activities that are required to have insurance are: competitions with motor vehicles or boats; tourism with vehicles; fishing; scuba diving, whether for sport or fun; any sports competition; sporting exhibitions and shows; fun runs and marathons; cycling trials, and any other event that takes place on public roads.

Take advantage of this great time of year to keep fit safely and confidently. Go for it!

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