Do you leave your house empty? Advice to help avoid break-ins while you’re on vacation

Advice to help avoid break-ins while you're on vacation

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You need a vacation and you want to enjoy it in peace. To do so, make sure that nothing will disturb you by following some basic rules before leaving home.

There is nothing more untimely and upsetting than getting a call from a neighbor to let you know that something has happened in your house while you are away. And you don’t want to find any unpleasant surprises on your return either. To avoid any nasty shocks, we offer below a list of tips to follow before going on vacation: five rules for the domestic sphere and five on security.

In the home


Your plants need sunlight. Remember to leave them somewhere they can get some sun. As for watering, there are lots of options to keep them hydrated while you’re away: clay cones, hydrogels, capillary irrigation systems, etc.


Closing the water and gas taps will help prevent consumption peaks, potential floods, leaks or breakdowns.


Empty your fridge so you can unplug it. The vacation is the ideal time to give your fridge a thorough overhaul. Before you leave, give it a good clean to avoid bad smells and bacteria. When you unplug it, leave the door slightly ajar.

Home appliances

Switch them off and unplug them. We recommend that you do not leave them on standby. This will help to reduce electricity consumption, avoid short-circuit accidents, and protect them in the event of power surges or dips, electrical storms, etc.

Little invaders

Before you go, remember to clear out the garbage can and wastebaskets and remove all scraps of food to avoid unpleasant surprises on your return. Don’t let the bugs throw their own party at your house in your absence.



We all lock the doors to the house when we go on vacation, but do you know what kind of locks you have? Check them out before you go. If they are weak, you can reinforce them with an anti-bumping system to avoid ‘bumping’, the technique most widely used by thieves.

Social media

As tempting as it may be, don’t post any details about your imminent vacation on your social media. It’s amazing how much detail outsiders are able to glean about your plans.

A trusted neighbor

Ideally, have a trusted neighbor who can collect your mail if you are away for a long time. This is one of the main signs that a home is uninhabited.

Give the impression there is someone at home

A couple of open blinds, clothes hanging on the line, programmers that turn the lights or TV on and off at certain times of the day, call diversions from your home’s landline to your cellphone… there are lots of options to make your home look as if it is occupied.

Home insurance

Review your insurance policy before going on vacation and check your coverage. Depending on your circumstances, you have the chance to adjust the coverage to your needs. Insurance will be your great ally in the case of any unforeseen events either at home or away.

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