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To enjoy that trip that you've planned in detail, make sure you cover yourself for unexpected incidents. Don't let anything ruin your plans!

Missing suitcases; a canceled flight; an untimely illness; an unexpected robbery… this is not usually at the top of your mind when planning a trip, is it? However, enjoying the list that we all make – itineraries, landscapes, monuments, restaurants, shops, hotels, shows – also entails not losing sight of the unforeseen events that may arise.

Big little scares

When you’re away from home, any small mishap can turn into a major upset, both for your personal well-being and your wallet. A simple case of flu or a fall down the stairs could end up costing several thousand euros if you need to pay the expenses of hospitalization or repatriation from another country; and even worse if you add in the cost of missing a plane or having to come home early. The language barrier is another added difficulty for many people. Travel insurance exists precisely to respond to all these situations.

A la carte insurance

These insurance policies are not mandatory, but as you can see they are more than recommended. Depending on the type of trip you make, you can adjust the different coverage options to your needs. It’s not the same going to a beach in your own country as it is in a resort in a distant and exotic destination. Bear in mind that in addition to tourist trips, you may also have to travel for work or studies. The flu or the pickpocket don’t care if you’re taking photos, doing business, or learning another language.

Most popular coverage

For your information, the most popular coverage options are: medical assistance, which usually includes the travel and accommodation expenses of a companion of the insured person in the event of hospitalization, the shipment of medicines, and repatriation; lost or stolen luggage, which guarantees compensation and advice in the event of theft, and assistance in locating and sending on your bags in the case of loss. And finally, trip cancellation: This guarantee allows you to cancel the trip at no cost provided that the cause is covered by the policy conditions (e.g. illness, death of a relative, court summons, etc.).

There are almost as many formulas as there are destinations, but the most important thing is feel protected so all you have to think about is enjoying yourself. Bon voyage!

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