Where is my package?

So that you understand everything clearly, before making your purchase, it is important that you read the legal conditions

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The advantages of shopping on the Internet are undeniable... until our package fails to arrive. The maritime collapse that occurred last Christmas and the delays caused by the current complex situation for carriers makes many consumers wonder if it is the right time to shop online.
So that you understand everything clearly, before making your purchase, it is important that you read the legal conditions: specific delivery times, company policy regarding unavailability, returns,  and so on. If the maximum delivery time is not specified, keep in mind the fact that European legislation sets this as 30 days. After buying your items, save the invoice, the order confirmation emails and any others you receive so that if your purchase does not arrive, you have these as evidence.

Are these purchases insured?

The first thing you should do is check the online store policy regarding responsibility for shipments. Then find out which transport company or companies the online store works with or which shipping method it uses, since not all options are equally reliable. In any case, we recommend that you select a method that offers shipment tracking.

Some forms of payment have additional guarantees: There are payment gateways that include buyer protection insurance that covers you in the event you do not receive your order, if it arrives broken or is defective, or if you do not actually receive what you bought. If the company allows you to purchase shipping insurance, check the conditions carefully. The truth is that some buyers do not want to pay that extra cost. However, if you have to shop in that particular store because you cannot find the product anywhere else, or because the price of the product makes it worth it, we strongly recommend that you insure your order.

The same rights as buying in a store

It is important to understand that an online shopper has exactly the same guarantees as those that someone visiting a physical store has. So, if you find yourself in a situation where your purchase does not arrive, for whatever reason, the first thing you should do is contact the seller via email, a contact form, telephone number or any other options stated on their website or the order invoice. If these resources do not bear fruit, you can turn to the company behind the website’s trust certificate of the website where you made the purchase, if it has this type of label. If you should have to go to court, you can count on extra protection to deal with the expenses that the claim for damages may incur through the cover offered by your home insurance.

In any case, before buying anything, we recommend you practice conscious spending, a different way of focusing your spending, concentrating on what really matters to you, on what makes you happy.

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